We remind you that reservations at Forneria are exclusively made online and on this website.
The calendar only opens every 15 days depending on whether or not the lack of confinement foreseen by the Government.



At the moment, the maximum capacity per table is 6 people inside the Restaurants.

If you want a higher number, you can try to book two or more tables to reach the number you want. There will always be separate tables and although we may try, we do not guarantee that they will be next to/near each other. In this case, when making the reservation, leave this indication in the notes/remarks. Example: I want to table “Joana” near the table of “António”.

If there are more than 6 people and they all belong to the same household, they can always stop by the Restaurant and try to make the reservation on site, for a maximum of 10 people, and always with the commitment to sign a document at the time of reservations to prove this. same.

When you enter the Zomato booking engine and cannot select the day and it is greyed out, it is a sign that the entire day is occupied for booking.

If the same day is grayed out and a shading saying “closed” is because the restaurant is closed (example on Sunday).

If you are able to select the day but not the desired hours, it is because at that moment only the existing hours are available. Example: Select the day and only hours appear for lunch, it’s because dinner is already complete for that meal.


We always remember that there are two free tables at the beginning of each meal, which will only be occupied in order of arrival, by the first people to arrive at the restaurant without a reservation.

Lunch from 12.00 and dinner from 19.00. If there is no longer any chance of booking for the day you want, you can always be the first to arrive and occupy one of these two tables.


You can request Take Away at (24h a day) or by calling 259 372 039 available from 18.00 to 22:30

Take Away – Monday to Thursday, lunch and dinner from 12:00 to 14:30 and from 19:00 to 22:00. Friday and Saturday, lunch and dinner 12:00 to 14:30 and from 19:00 to 22:15.

At the moment we do not deliver to home