At Forneria you can enjoy a different, unique and memorable Francesinha.
A Francesinha who values and respects her origins, while transporting her to new flavors and sensations.
A Francesinha who reinvented herself, meeting the new times through the diversity of options with which she presents herself.
With freshly baked bread and in front of the customer in an imposing Wood Oven by Marana, in Forneria, to the traditional Portuguese ingredients, we add cheeses and noble sausages from Italy.

The love and passion for everything we do is the last of the ingredients, the most decisive and inimitable, being truly our brand image.


Forneria aims to be a brand of trust, of feelings, of differentiated gastronomic and human experiences. A space with high quality, differentiated products, handcrafted many of them, and of excellent confection, flavor and presentation. A space made from people to people, in which the service is informal but careful, especially warm, and where the client can feel at home, as if a guest of ours for a memorable gastronomic experience.

A space that is concerned with a careful and unique decoration, where everything has been thought so that we can feel in a world, where the wood oven is the foundation of the house, but much more illuminates and gives us warmth. An industrial and rustic decoration at the same time, with notes as vintage as they are contemporary, in which mysterious notes of Italian art made by Venetian and Neapolitan artisans of world renown dazzle, side by side with the best that Portugal can present.

A space where the past and the future are present. A space where friends get together and have fun, where couples fall in love, where families can enjoy a good time, in which children will have their own space. A space made of dreams, of enormous passion for the arts and for people, where the details are “the greatest” and where, customers, collaborating managers are all one, imbued with the same objective that Forneria is not just a restaurant , but rather a space where people meet to make each other happy.


To be unique, memorable, and a national and world reference in the Francesinhas in Wood Oven, and Italian cuisine in general.

Providing with our environment, service, products and human warmth, memorable moments and feelings of pleasure and full gastronomic satisfaction. Making each other happy, because making is an art, making someone happy is a much more superior art.

Embark on this journey…